About sheet music that’s not available yet

Since my videos were published on Guitar Salon International’s YouTube channel, I have been getting many requests for sheet music for Autumn Leaves.


As of now, I can’t sell it. Since I am not the writer of the piece, I have to get a permission from its copyright holders. It usually take at least a month to do so. So please check back later or subscribe to my newsletter and you will get an email when it becomes available. To subscribe, look to the right on this webpage and you will see two boxes: name and email. Fill them in and you are subscribed!


Thank you for your patience and support!



17 thoughts on “About sheet music that’s not available yet

  1. Ms. Lee,

    I love your playing. Do you plan to publish your arrangement of Desperado? I would love to play your lovely arrangement. It’s perfect.

    Michael Fowler

  2. I love your arrangement of Autumn Leaves. Please let me know when sheet music is available for purchase. Thank you for your beautiful music

  3. hi, you play greatly on guitar and your arrangements are lovely.

    do you have the sheet music of your arrangements on As the Deer, I knows who holds tomorrow?

    Thx, have a blesssed 2018.

  4. What a joy to think that perhaps you might read my comment…

    Every time I hear your recording of Autumn Leaves it takes me back
    to my youth…As a youngster in 60s I was fond of jazz…There was a
    group named for its leader Vince Guaraldi that played out of San
    Francisco, near where I was raised….He often had a young man from
    Brazil joinin…His professional name was Bola Sete…Your rendition of
    Autumn Leaves has that Bola Sete sound…It does take me back…Bola Sete
    recorded several albums of his own…One in particular titled Tour
    de Force was one of my favorites,,,The last tract on side one as I recall
    was my favorite, and much to the chagrin of my mother, I played it over
    and over…I couldn’t believe that all that beautiful music could come
    from ten fingers on such a small instrument…The song was Asturias….
    And now I can hear you play Asturias with the beautiful passion the
    piece deserves…When they asked the young Liying Zhu why she chose the
    guitar she replies (and I paraphrase), “The piano is beautiful and makes
    beautiful music and you can touch it, but you can’t hold it in your arms.”
    So when I hear you or Xuefei or Kaori or the youngsters play, I can hear
    the love and the passion…Please don’t lose that love and passion…It makes
    our hearts smile………

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