[New Video] “For Yen” by Celil Refik Kaya




This piece, “For Yen”, was written by my good friend Celil Refik Kaya. Celil is a marvelous guitarist. I first met him in 2011 at Mannes College of Music where we were Master’s students. Since I first heard him playing, I had no doubt he would become a recognized guitarist that he is now.

“For Yen” was originally formed as short improvisation Celil Refik Kaya recorded in 2011. The improvisation was written down with little changes in a character of a short melancholic prelude. Later the piece was dedicated to me (Yen is the name I use in daily life).


The sheet music is published by Les Productions d’OZ (Click)

Celil’s website: www.celilrefikkaya.com (Click)

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/for-yen-single/1318617967 (Click)

Recommended website for audio purchase: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/yennelee5 (Click)

Available on Amazon, Spotify, and other major stores as well.



Upcoming events



For those of you who are wondering about my upcoming events:


I have a presentation for New York City Classical Guitar Society on December 7 at 7pm. I will be sharing tips on how to make effective arrangements and how to play them.

Visit www.nyccgs.com for more information: http://nyccgs.com/december-2017-meeting-yenne-lee/



I am again invited to teach at the New York Guitar Seminar at Mannes in 2018. I will be teaching master classes. Registration is not open yet. I will post an update once it is. It is a week-long seminar, full of master classes, ensemble rehearsals, great lectures, and concerts. I would be happy to answer questions about the seminar if you write me an email. Also visit the seminar’s website: mannesguitar.com



Other than the above, I am planning to release my second album and have album release concerts in New York City and Seoul in Spring 2018 (Could be Summer or Fall, depending on my work load). In the concerts, I will be playing selections from the first and second albums, plus a few classical pieces.


I am also planning to release singles every few weeks! Next one will be released within 1-2 weeks.


Stay tuned! Thank you!





[Sheet music news] Autumn Leaves available worldwide




Hello fans and guitar lovers,


The sheet music for Autumn Leaves is available worldwide finally!

Go to this page on musicnotes.com: CLICK


From now on, some of my sheet music will be sold on my page on musicnotes.com (CLICK). This partnership with musicnotes.com will make my sheet music become available much faster. The sheet music for “Yesterday Once More” which has been sold out on my own website will be available on musicnotes.com soon.


If you haven’t, check out my single album “Autumn Leaves” at the following online stores:


CD Baby: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/yennelee4

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/autumn-leaves-single/id1290016664

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0762RN2PL/ref=dm_ws_tlw_trk1

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/2xul4pTiZoAGcNzpVda3kg


In addition, if you haven’t visited my other webpages:


My facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/ylguitar

My instagram account: http://www.instagram.com/yennelee

My YouTube page: http://www.youtube.com/yennelee (Don’t forget to subscribe!)




New digital Single “Autumn Leaves”



The Autumn Leaves is available for download here:




It will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc. soon.

To purchase it now, click here.


My videos with Guitar Salon International have been received very well, especially Autumn Leaves.


I was planning on recording the piece for my second album, which I am aiming to release in Spring 2018. However, I decided to release a single prior to that so more people can enjoy it in more various ways in this season of fall.


The mp3 is available for purchase on CD Baby (Click here).


If you support my music, and if you haven’t, please buy my album “Beautiful” to help boost funding for my second album.

Beautiful CD and Wav files: Click here



The second album is going to be a different theme than 70’s pop songs.


*If you haven’t seen my latest video of Sor’s Magic Flute Variations, check it out here:



Thank you for your love and support always,










If you haven’t received an answer email from me



If you sent me a message to my email accounts or via the contact form on this website and haven’t heard from me, I apologize, but it’s because I am getting too many messages to respond. I already spend more time on the computer than I would want to. I want to spend more time with guitar.


Yes, it’s a shame the Autumn Leaves is not available in your country. I will work to make it available. However, I don’t know when that will happen. Hopefully within a month.


Thank you for your emails of suggestions and words of support.

As for suggestion on what song/piece to play- unfortunately I already have tons of songs and pieces I want to record. The chances are I probably won’t play the song of your recommendation unless it’s actually one of the ones I was going to play. Thank you for your suggestion still!


Feel free to discuss with each other in the comment how to buy Autumn Leaves sheet from outside US/Canada, etc. I think some of you can help each other out.


Thank you for your support always.





[Sheet Music News] Autumn Leaves available in US and Canada



Hello guitar lovers,


I have a good news and a bad news (depending on where you live).


The good news is that the sheet and tabs for Autumn Leaves is finally up for sale! Thank you so much for waiting patiently. I made both staff notation version and staff+TAB version.


Staff only: Click here

Staff+Tab: Click here



The bad news is that you can buy it only if you are in the US or Canada.

(Update on November 1, 2017: It’s available worldwide at musicnotes.com. CLICK HERE

I couldn’t get a permission to sell it worldwide. HOWEVER, I am positive that I will be able to sell it worldwide through an online distributor (not on my website). I will keep you updated!



It is amazing how well my video of Autumn Leaves is being received. I played the non-classical piece with a mind of classical musician, and the fact that so many people enjoy the performance proves my belief that the classical guitar can and should be used in more variety. It has a beautiful sound and must be heard by more people.


Thank you for your love and support.



Best wishes,




[Sheet music news] “If” back in stock / “Autumn Leaves” coming very soon

I have some news:


1. The sheet music for “if” has been out of stock for a while. It’s now back in stock! 

[Sheet] If – David Gates (Bread)



2. The sheet music and tabs for “Autumn Leaves” will be available very soon, probably next week. Thank you so much for waiting for it patiently. Please note that I can sell only a limited number of digital copies, so don’t wait to purchase it if you really want it! I will send another newsletter when it is for sale.


Thank you!




이문세 “소녀” 관련 (저작권에 대해서)

이문세 “소녀” 동영상을 유튜브에 올린 이후로 많은 분들이 좋아해 주시고 또 악보를 구입하시고 싶다는 분들이 많이 계셨습니다.


저작권 협회를 통해 노래 작곡가이신 고 이영훈님의 가족 이메일 주소를 받아서 악보를 판매를 허락해 주실 수 있는지 여쭤보았지만, 몇달이 지나서야 온 답장 내용은 요약하자면 허락할 수 없다는 내용이었습니다.

다시 두 차례의 이메일을 통해 부탁드려봤지만 오늘 받은 답장 내용은 악보 허락도 안될 뿐더러 동영상도 내려 달라는 내용이었습니다.


그래서 오늘 “소녀” 동영상을 유튜브에서 내렸습니다.


하루에 200-300번 정도 플레이가 되는 많은 분들이 좋아해 주시는 연주였는데 이렇게 된 점 죄송하게 생각합니다.


사실 원래는 노래 커버를 저작권자 허락없이 공유/연주하는 것 자체가 불법입니다. 하지만 워낙 많이들 그렇게 하고, 또 공유가 되면 원곡자들도 곡이 더 조명을 받는 등 이득을 보는 경우도 있어서 대부분은 문제가 되지 않는 것 같습니다.

“소녀”는 아쉽게도 이 대부분에 속하지 않는 케이스였네요.



프로 연주자로서 (공인으로서) 연주, 편곡 등을 하는지라 저작권에 대해서 철저하게 생각하는 편입니다. 그래서 악보는 공유가 아닌 판매를 하구요.

대신 악보를 팔기 전 저작권 협의를 거치다 보니 오래 걸리는 것들도 많고 허락을 받지 못하는 것들도 있네요.


If 는 애초에 몇개까지만 판매할 수 있도록 협의가 되어 있었는데 한정수량이 생각보다 빨리 다 팔려서 지금 새로운 협의 과정에 있구요. (조금만 더 기다려주세요).



저작권료도 출판사마다 다르게 책정을 해서 어떤 악보는 비교적 저렴하게 판매할 수 있는 반면 그렇지 않은 악보들도 있을 것 같습니다.


새로운 악보 등 소식이 있으면 뉴스레터 보내드리겠습니다.


관심과 사랑 늘 감사합니다.




About sheet music that’s not available yet

Since my videos were published on Guitar Salon International’s YouTube channel, I have been getting many requests for sheet music for Autumn Leaves.


As of now, I can’t sell it. Since I am not the writer of the piece, I have to get a permission from its copyright holders. It usually take at least a month to do so. So please check back later or subscribe to my newsletter and you will get an email when it becomes available. To subscribe, look to the right on this webpage and you will see two boxes: name and email. Fill them in and you are subscribed!


Thank you for your patience and support!