Upcoming events



For those of you who are wondering about my upcoming events:


I have a presentation for New York City Classical Guitar Society on December 7 at 7pm. I will be sharing tips on how to make effective arrangements and how to play them.

Visit www.nyccgs.com for more information: http://nyccgs.com/december-2017-meeting-yenne-lee/



I am again invited to teach at the New York Guitar Seminar at Mannes in 2018. I will be teaching master classes. Registration is not open yet. I will post an update once it is. It is a week-long seminar, full of master classes, ensemble rehearsals, great lectures, and concerts. I would be happy to answer questions about the seminar if you write me an email. Also visit the seminar’s website: mannesguitar.com



Other than the above, I am planning to release my second album and have album release concerts in New York City and Seoul in Spring 2018 (Could be Summer or Fall, depending on my work load). In the concerts, I will be playing selections from the first and second albums, plus a few classical pieces.


I am also planning to release singles every few weeks! Next one will be released within 1-2 weeks.


Stay tuned! Thank you!