New digital Single “Autumn Leaves”



The Autumn Leaves is available for download here:




It will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc. soon.

To purchase it now, click here.


My videos with Guitar Salon International have been received very well, especially Autumn Leaves.


I was planning on recording the piece for my second album, which I am aiming to release in Spring 2018. However, I decided to release a single prior to that so more people can enjoy it in more various ways in this season of fall.


The mp3 is available for purchase on CD Baby (Click here).


If you support my music, and if you haven’t, please buy my album “Beautiful” to help boost funding for my second album.

Beautiful CD and Wav files: Click here



The second album is going to be a different theme than 70’s pop songs.


*If you haven’t seen my latest video of Sor’s Magic Flute Variations, check it out here:


Thank you for your love and support always,










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